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We make places.

We create places as unique experiences and exciting adventures. We design original, inspiring and consistent projects for commercial clients in Poland and abroad – for restaurants, hotels, shops, offices, showrooms, galleries and cultural, recreation and sport centers – dedicated precisely to specific target groups.


We make concepts.

A key element of each of our project is individual concept, which contains one clear design rule defining identity of the place and its unique experience. The concept of the place defines its character. It distinguish the place and allows it to be remembered and emotionally engaging. It is also the basis to create brand of the place – all elements of identity and communication: name, interior design, logo and visual identity, staff uniforms and all additional elements related to specific purposes of the place.


We make it complete.

Our working method is based on complex process, which includes every aspect, element and phase of the project – starting from research and analysis, through developing leading concept and design solutions, finishing on implementation and functioning of the place. We combine knowledge, skills and experience in areas of design, architecture, marketing and visual communication.




We believe that the best ideas come from teamwork, where courage, creativity and consistency is equally important as open mind, observation skills and sense of humor. Our team is built from young, versatile designers cooperating with experienced technical designers and professionals.

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dominika buck
Architect/Head Designer
If she didn’t become an architect, she would become a chef.
Graduated (M.Sc.) from the Faculty of Architecture in Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland. She also studied in University of the Arts in Central Saint Martins College in London, UK and finished postgraduate studies of Food Design in the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódz, Poland. Before founding BUCK.STUDIO she worked in several architectural practices in Poland and UK.

paweł buck
Architect/Head Designer
When he’s not designing, he’s traveling. Although he would prefer the opposite.
Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of Technical University of Wroclaw. In 2011 he defended his PhD thesis on changeability in architecture. After graduation, he worked for several large Polish architectural practices. Apart from running BUCK.STUDIO he teaches basics of design process on Faculty of Architecture Wroclaw University of Technology.

aleksandra leszczyńska
Architect/Junior Designer

aleksandra kilińska
Architect/Junior Designer

assistants 2010-2017
Magdalena Gordziewicz, Julia Ołpińska, Natalia Popenda, Wojciech Nowak, Bogna Kawa, Aleksandra Majdzik, Paweł Tatara, Julia Ołpińska, Katarzyna Dominiak, Agata Pierożyńska, Martyna Cyran, Monika Dobrakowska, Martyna Gliniecka, Karolina Wrzosowska, Aleksandra Mrowca, Łukasz Fabrowski, Agnieszka Kaczara, Izabela Milińska, Michał Ostafijczuk, Alicja Sawicka, Daria Socha, Katarzyna Szymańska, Karolina Obuszko




We trust our intuition. Intuition combined with our skills and experience lead us to create outstanding and emotionally engaging projects which are published and awarded both in Poland and abroad.

BUCKSTUDIO_WIN 2017_NWIN Awards 2017
Winner | CAMPO
BUCKSTUDIO_DA 2017_NDesign Alive Awards 2017
Winner | NANAN
BUCKSTUDIO_DoFA 2017_W1DOFA 2017 Interior&Design
Honorable mention | NANAN
BUCKSTUDIO_DoFA 2017_W2DOFA 2017 Interior&Design
Honorable mention  | CAMPO
Winner | NANAN
BUCKSTUDIO_zycie w architekturze_N_2015ŻYCIE W ARCHITEKTURZE 2015
Finalist | di cafe deli
2nd place |  Grafit Library
BUCKSTUDIO_DoFA 2013_IDOFA 2013 Interior&Design
Winner – New Horizons Cinema
BUCKSTUDIO_polskie wnetrze_dinette_2012Polish Interior of the Year 2012
Nomination | dinette
BUCKSTUDIO_polskie wnetrze_KNH_2012Polish Interior of the Year 2012
Nomination | Kino Nowe Horyzonty
Nomination – New Horizons Cinema
BUCKSTUDIO_DoFA 2011_IIDOFA 2011 Interior&Design
2nd place | Hewlett-Packard Eclub
BUCKSTUDIO_DoFA 2011_WDOFA 2011 Supervision
Honorable mention